Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 20 - 22 Shingles (Argh!)

Gluing shingles, when there are this many, is a multi-day process. Not only because it's frustrating, but because the fumes get to me after a while. First I shingled the back:

Not realizing that I would have to take off the entire final row, which is a shame because several days passed before I realized this, so the glue had time to set as hard as possible, which made removing that row a royal pain in the patootie.

Here's the progress on the front:

At this point, Mr. Critical came downstairs and asked me if I were going to color in the "gaps." (If you click on this picture you can see the one and only gap. grrrrr.) He then treated me to a lecture all about flashing. I really didn't need to hear that.
More progress:

Now the top row is supposed to be a 'Boston lap.' The shingles are put on sideways, which is what I did on the back (although I didn't realize that they were supposed to go on from the ends to the middle, with the final shingle overlapping each of the ones on its side). Problem is, the front didn't end nicely -- had I done the shingles sideways, there would have been a gap between the next to last and the final row. So I had to take off all those shingles in the back so that I could lap the front and back shingles so as not to leave any lines on the top of the house.
I had to stop.
Here's what the back looked like after I tore off the row of shingles, before I filed down the glue trail:
I took a break at one point and glued the stairs together. They still need to be painted, as do the stair stringers, but I'm waiting for my interior decorator to get here this weekend to decide on colors.

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