Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 24 -- Essentially finished

I would like to take this moment to contend that this dollhouse is not my finest work. Sadly, I'm afraid that that may be a lie.

After finishing the trim on the other side of the house, I realized I had used the wrong trim pieces. *After* I had cut them to fit. (No pictures to immortalize this duh moment.) Did it again:

This made making the trim on the porch difficult because I had already cut the pieces I needed:

So I had to piece together the last piece, leaving a visible seam (click on this picture and zoom in to see it:

The partitions haven't been glued in because they haven't been painted/papered. Same for the stairs and the stairway stringers, but here's where they go:

So my work here is done. The ultimate decorators will arrive tomorrow and further pictures will show their choices. And yes, I still have a pile of touch-up painting to do before they start. That's tomorrow's job as I'm too upset with the final result to mess with it now.

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