Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 23 -- Shingles done, it's time to screw up the trim!

Finished the shingles (at last!)

To the trim! Well, not quite. First I had to do some edge painting, which I had forgotten. In fact, after I finished for the day I realized that I'll have to second coat some of the stuff. Ah well.

Eave trim on one side along with the white stuff (I forget what's it's called):

Installed the windows. Uncharacteristically, I dry fitted all the windows without glueing first, which was handy because the windows and the window openings are not all created equal:

I was also supposed to glue in the door, but I couldn't find the tiny doorknob which I had carefully put away in a safe place. So I had to order another one from my store.

Added the side trim (after painting the edges, of course). Couldn't do the other side as I forgot to paint the edges on that until I had done everything you see on this page. Tomorrow?

Glued the tiny porch trim on the upper level, not noticing until after that I still need to paint the top of the porch white. Couldn't attach the lower porch level trims because they, too, needed paint on their edges.

Then I started cleaning up and noticed the doorknob hiding under some tape (so much for a 'safe place'), so I glued it on and installed the door:

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