Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 1 Starting the Princess Anne

Yes, I'm doing another one.

Bite me.

Rather than starting this blog with a picture of what it's *supposed* to look like, I'm just jumping right in.

First -- identify all the pieces. There are a lot more pieces.

This time the instructions had a handy designation on each piece to sort them into piles for easier construction. Pile (1) is shingles, which are supposed to be dyed first so that they have time to dry before needed. I don't have the dye yet, but I put them first anyway. There are a whole lot more.

Pile (2) is mostly the porch railings and posts and stuff. Why the attic partition is in that pile beats me. I'll worry about that later.

Pile (3) is the main body of the house.

Pile (4) is the foundation. Because this house has a bay, there are several more pieces than with the Victorian.

Pile (5) is mostly balcony stuff:

Pile (5) is dormer stuff:Pile (6) is a remarkable amount of trim plus the door and one of the many windows. Haven't a clue why one window is here and the rest are in another pile:

Pile (6) is mostly windows:

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