Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 2 and 3 -- Starting to paint

Time to paint! White for the porch pieces. The rails (the tops of which will be painted later -- they served as handy holders):

The rest, including a dizzying amount of porch posts, which are teeny dowels that kept slipping out of my fingers.

The foundation pieces:

Porch ceiling:

There will be more white things to paint, but that took long enough.

Day three was to add the second coat to the foundation. I didn't second coat the other pieces because I'm waiting for another trip to the miniature store to buy the right sandpaper. When I tried to buy some at Lowes, I was told that the grit I wanted didn't exist. Silly man.

I was also told that stucco grit, which I wanted for a more authentic foundation, was available in fifty pound bags. Which is a touch more than I will need. So a trip to a hobby store to buy play sand ($1.49 for a bag sufficient for about a hundred houses of considerable size), and then I mixed some with the paint for an acceptable stucco look:

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