Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 15 -- Considerable Progress

The plan was to take advantage of Mike as he was home all day and awake after his return from Singapore, but I ran out of juice before I needed his help.

With the house on its back:

Glue and tape the bay floors:

Glue and tape the bay sides:

Although RealGoodToys, the manufacturer, takes deserved pride in the precision of its pieces, the sides only fit reasonably well. It wasn't possible to get all the pieces precisely lined up, so I did the best I could.

Then the porch floor got taped into place but not glued, just to ensure that it fit, which was good because I forgot to paint it:

Then, while the glue dried, I figured I could paint the remaining things that require white. But, when I went through the unassembled pieces, I realized that I had the upper floor ceilings to do, which I wanted to piant blue. So I poured what turned out to be far too much paint into the roller bin and, rather than either try to put it back in the can or (Horrors!) throw it away, I ended up using it to paint all the (##$@%@$ing) trim on the windows. Which was a whole lot and resulted in some shaky fingers. Touch-ups will be required.

Took off all the tape from the house, which appears stable:

Did the touch-up work on the foundation which gets glued on tomorrow, after painting all the remaining white pieces I never did get to. That's where Mike will come in handy, as this sucker is heavy.

I also pread out the 880+ shingles on racks for the final drying:

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