Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 9 -- Sanding, Painting, Glueing, Cursing

But not in that order.

I had all the little pieces of the porch railing double coated, so it was time to glue the little dowels in. The instructions say to line up the rails on the picture in the manual and glue in the dowels in. Instead, I used a sharpie to make dots where the dowels were to go:

Trying to get glue in the railings wasn't possible, so I made a glue blob and used a paint brush to dab a dot of glue on the end of each dowel and stick them in that way. I marked on the opposite railing where the end dowels would go once the glue dried:

Repeated the process for all four pieces, waited a few hours and then glued the other rail on. This sounds so much easier than it really was. (Insert growling, cursing here):

Then it was sanding for the rest of the outside of the house and application of yellow paint (no pictures), as well as more windows. I still have one window to do and second coats on all but one. The one that I did the different colors on got a very careful application of a second coat of all colors. I changed the insert to yellow. I'm not sure about that. I have terra cotta (which I used on the flower pots) which I think will look better but be very unforgiving it I screw it up. Here's the yellow:

Completed window:

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