Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 16 -- It looks like a dollhouse

I removed all the tape and put the windows in, not glued -- just to ensure they fit and to see what they look like. Cool:

Then I painted the strips on the back (floors and sides) that I forgot to do until the last minute on the last house. I was doing it slowly and painstakingly with a paint brush until Mike said, "Why not use the roller?" Why not indeed?

Time to glue the porch railing together, which involved the use of four hands, which I didn't have. The railings sit on shingles, with dowels separating them from the bottom so that they fit up from the floor and centered on the posts:

Glued the ball thingie on the post:

While that glue set, I glued in the octagonal windows in the dormers (yellow faces outside, blue faces inside:

Decided to paint the outside of the door blue. Took it off the little hinge, which I taped to the floor of the dollhouse because it's so tiny, it would be easy to lose. It will need another coat:

Then glued the rest of the porch railing together:

The next big step is to glue on the foundation, which I will try to do next, but with Mike's help. I put the house on top to check the fit first. The porch needs to sit on the edge which resulted in a not quite square fit. One side of the house is further in from the edge of the foundation that the other:

I went to the dollhouse store to see if this is the case with the model put together there. Sadly, for my peace of mind, hers fit perfectly. Mike is going to ponder it with me to figure out either where I went wrong or what to do about it. I can't see where I could have made a mistake, although this isn't a biggie.

I also painted porch and balcony pieces white (no pictures) and will do more of that next.

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