Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 7 -- Tedium Sets In

A visit to the dollhouse store yesterday and I got away with two little sandpaper pads (very cheap and very helpful), a doorknob for this house, another paint color (yellow) and shingle dye. Not to mention the valuable advice not to wire this house since it's going to some fairly young girls. Of course, that was followed by the scary advice that I could always wire the next house. Next house??!!

Two hours of sanding and I still have two major pieces to sand (one side and the front with all the windows), as well as all the windows I've painted so far and the remaining windows and door. But that was all the sanding I could handle at one sitting (thirty-four teeny dowels for the porch railing, four porch railings, one porch end railing and eight porch things with names I can't remember).

So I rewarded myself by painting some of the outside pieces yellow. Quite a difference from the peach:

I did one side (not pictured), all three bay sides, and the back -- that long piece above. The paint dried fast enough, and I work slowly enough, that I was able to get two coats on each piece. I'll check later today to see if I need a third.

I also didn't follow my own advice from the other dollhouse blog and hadn't checked every piece beforehand, so it turned out there were two pieces for the upper dormers which needed to be painted which I hadn't given a peach coat. Somewhat recklessly I decided to just go with the yellow without doing a peach undercoat. Looks okay to me:

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