Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 14 -- Construction!

The instructions suggest that this is the time for extra hands. Extra nerves would help, too.

First, tape together two room dividers to use as a stand to steady everything (as if the author of the instructions knew that no one actually as four hands at her disposal):

Line up and double (triple!) check that the floors' orientation is correct:

Spread glue in the grooves on one side:

Set the floors into the grooves on the side and 'anchor' them to the stand of room partitions:

Glue on the other side:

Throughout this process, the instructions continually point out the need to assure that edges are completely lined up. What they fail to mention is that lining up one edge inevitably causes another to pop out. I need a wife!

Then move the house so it hangs over the edge of the table and glue on the base floor, taping the bejessus out of it:

Turn the house onto its back (the open end) for the next operation.

Line up the left front, test, test, test and then glue and tape:

Glue and tape the short right side:

At this point, the instructions casually say, "Stand the house upright." Yeah. What they should say is, "Stand the house upright and re-glue, re-align and re-tape everything."

And weights, check everything and walk away to let the glue dry:

Rather than do any more painting, I figured my nerves were shot enough for the day.

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