Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 17 -- Details, Details

Uncharacteristically, I read ahead in the instructions and realized that I was a lot closer to some detail work which would require little pieces be painted. This in spite of my own rules about detailing every piece beforehand with the color of every surface. So, parts of the porch details had to be painted white (on more than one surface, and so far I've only done one):

Trim pieces for the porch got two coats of blue -- on only one side, so they're not done either:

Side pieces for the trim on the roof, which only get one side painted (small miracles are always appreciated):

And a gazillion trim pieces which need multiple sides painted (not yet, but these are two-coated):

Second coat on all the porch and balcony pieces, plus sides:

Finished painting the door panel:

Put the door back together and leaned it up against the house just to see how it looks -- I like it!

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