Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 4 -- Painting continues

I started painting the clapboard and decided I don't like the color. It's peach, which I think is too grownup looking. I want something brighter for the girls. But, having painted one piece I thought it better to paint them all the first coat the same. Mike also had a great tool (quelle surprise) for squaring the window and door corners.

The three bay fronts and the back:

The one side and the front (with a window fitted into an opening, just to prove I did it):

The other side:

Had hoped to drag Mike -- er -- convince him -- to go to the dollhouse store to pick up my shingle dye and doorknob (and maybe wiring stuff), but he and Dan thought it'd be more fun to take a motorcycle trip. Sheesh. What are their priorities, anyway?

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