Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 6 -- Spending Money

I got lots of good suggestions for painting those small spaces in the windows. I'm holding out my daughter-in-law's (paste in paper of appropriate color) in case the painting doesn't work out. Mike's idea was to get an angled paintbrush, so I headed out to Michael's hobby store to get one (got two). And while I was there, found two kitchen cabinet possibilities (or maybe a wardrobe for a bedroom) for a dollar a piece, plus some dowel ends that look like flowerpots to me. As well as two flowerpots. Total, $5:

Some pretty possibilities for crown molding -- $2 more:

Some erasers that look like stuffty toys ($3):

Some Winnie the Pooh stickers for the crib in the other dollhouse, which, if it looks good enough, will be duplicated in this dollhouse (another dollar invested):

And some self-sticking paper ribbon which looks like wallpaper edging to me ($2, but there's enough for the whole house with lots left over):

One more dollar and I got fancy name tag edges for use as picture frames:

Spent two hours painting two more big windows and the remaining octagonal one. Five more windows to go. And that's just the first coat! I did try using the angled brush to do the teeny corners and it worked rather well. Although it's all still white, so the trued test will come when I try a different, more noticeable color.

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