Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 5 -- Tedious

Having missed my opportunity to go to the dollhouse store to buy the sandpaper I need before doing any second coats, I planned on glueing the foundation together this morning. However, when I was laying it out, I realized that one of the "middle" foundations was actually an edge that would show, so I had to paint and "stucco" that one. Serendipitously, I discovered that the sand-filled paint actually goes on better with a dapping motion rather than a stroking one, so I re-dabbed the rest of the pieces and now wait for them to dry:

Gung-ho to do something, I decided to tackle painting the windows. I'm not sure yet if I will leave them all white or if I will try to paint different parts different colors. In any case, I figure it can't hurt for the first coat to go on all white. Here's a first coat next to an unpainted one, just for contrast:

Problem with painting different colors is -- how the heck do you get into all those little spaces without blobbing where you don't want to go?

Although there are nine large windows, two octagonal ones (front and back), plus the door, I only got three of the former and one of the latter painted before my back gave out. With luck, I'll finish the first coat today or tomorrow on all of them:

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