Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 12 -- The Neverending Story (Painting)

I put the foundation pieces together the way they are to be glued and discovered that there are several little corners that still need to be painted:

Tried painting a few shingles instead of dying them. I'm not happy with the results, so I'm going to go ahead and dye them grey. I found a website with instructions on how to paint shingles which suggested not only diluting paint with water, which I did, but also said it was best to put the shingles on the house first and then to paint them. Of course, to make sure the paint didn't run onto the house, you are supposed to have the house upside down when doing this. Are they nuts??!!

All the window fronts have had a second coat as had part of the door. Six got their first coat of white on the back (the side which shows inside the house). I thought about waiting until I decided on a color for the indoor rooms, but changed my mind. What's wrong with white, anyway?

The ceilings got two coats of white. There's still the attic ceiling to do, but I not only ran out of space, but I can construct most of the house before doing those and that will free up a lot of space.

Decided to glue the foundation and finish painting it later. That way I can paint over the seams.
Tape, tape, tape.

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